August 2018: Study results: Does improved ALS increases safety?

In August 2018 aviare finished a non-public scientific study concerning the question whether improved approach lighting facilities potentially increases operational safety within airport environment.

Covered by a scientific work in cooperation with the Technical University of Applied Sciences in Wildau, Germany, the impact of different approach lighting configurations was analyzed based on flight simulator tests. Analysing the flight trajectories recorded during the test series, a tiny increase in steering precision could be identified statistically in relation to a higher level of approach lighting system.
The largest increase in visual guidance for the flight crews tested could be observed in regard to upgrading a Simple Approach Lighting System (SALS) to a CAT-I Precision Approach Lighting System. However, to proof an overall significant impact on increasing navigational performance, further, more global investigations have to be considered aiming at the entire infrastructure interior (i.e. touchdown zone lighting, runway centerline lighting).

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