August 2017: EASA inspection of 14 Greek airports successfully completed

In August of this year aviare consult GmbH successfully completed the project with Fraport Greece AG to inspect the airside’s infrastructure of 14 Greek regional airports.

In the last few years aviare was already consultatively active at several airports regarding issues of extension and safety.

At all of the 14 Greek airports 380 regulations, which divide approx. into 4.800 detailed rules, were checked. This included for example the dimensions of flight operation areas, inspection of allowable slopes, lighting, markings, signs, electrical equipment etc. For such requirements, aviare consult GmbH specifically developed a web-based database, in which results can be saved. This database is available as working basis for Fraport Greece AG and the competent aviation authority. It is able to record all relevant inspection results as well as regulations and used reference documents.

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