Approval of the civil airport Frankfurt under aviation law (August 2010-2012)

From August 2010 on,  aviare  had a supportive role for the aviation authority of the Hesse state (HMWVL). The task involved in detail the preparation of the approval under aviation law §44 Air Traffic Licensing Act (Luftverkehrs-Zulassungsordnung or LuftVZO). This preparation included an examination of the compliance of the construction work in accordance with the planning permission resolution (from the 18.12.2007) and the national and international regulations (e.g. ICAO).

aviare supervised in this context the expansion measures, which were planned in the planning permission resolution, at the biggest civil airport in Germany, Frankfurt am Main. The supervision was done particularly for the new northwest landing runway including the corresponding taxiways und taxiway bridges, which connect the landing runway with the existing airport system. The inspection was done among other things on the aircraft moving areas, the lighting, the signage, the navigation systems, the meteorological equipment and the security systems.